Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches with Garlic Aoli

I love a great steak on the grill. But my true love for steak comes in the form of a sandwich! Steak sandwiches are a great way to use the more economical cuts of steak like a round, flat-iron, and flank steaks, which can be tougher when grilled as they are leaner and more muscle-y….

Sheet Pan Pulled Pork Nachos

About once a week, we create an appetizer supper! We love chicken wings, artichoke dip, mini pizzas, stuffed jalapeƱos, charcuterie, sausage with crackers, cheese, fresh veggies, and anything else we can throw on a plate and eat with our hands! One of our favourite appies is pulled pork nachos! Tender, flavourful pulled pork on top…